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Buy Kava KavaLooking to buy kava kava can be a pretty confusing, perhaps even an overwhelming task.  There are an incredible number of websites online that sell all sorts of kava in all sorts of different forms, but finding the best kava kava can be a somewhat difficult task.  You can buy kava capsules, kava concentrates, kava powder, instant kava drinks, and many other different varieties of kava.  To make it even more confusing, you can buy kava from farms in Hawaii, Fiji, Vanuatu, and many other parts of the world.   All of these factors can make the seemingly simple task of finding the best place to buy kava kava incredibly daunting and confusing.

We know that you are looking to buy the best kava at the best possible price.  We feel that it is our responsibility to offer you only the most reliable sources of this increasingly popular plant medicine.  We have created this website as a resource for those people who are looking to buy kava online and who want to make sure that they receive only the best possible products!

The first thing to consider when looking to buy kava is what sort of products you are interested in.  As mentioned above, there are an incredible number of kava products available online.  This can be a source of confusion, but it also means that there is a kava product out there for every taste and preference, so you are bound to find one that suits you!

To begin with, of course, one can choose to buy kava kava that is extremely traditional.  Unless you live in a tropical paradise you probably don’t have access to fresh kava root, which is what is used in traditional kava ceremonies, but you can get the second best thing by purchasing dried kava root powder.  If you buy kava root powder, you can prepare it in a traditional method by placing  about two ounces of the kava powder in a muslin bag or other cloth strainer.  Place this in a bowl containing about three cups of water.  Then squeeze and knead the powder in the bag for a few minutes until the water takes on a very milky white color.  This is the most traditional method of kava preparation that you can use if you buy kava kava root powder, and it will leave you with a brew that is very effective and that will taste very similar to a traditional kava beverage.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a kava kava buy that will provide you with a quick fix when you need a boost, you may want to considering buying kava in capsule form.  You can purchase kava root powder capsules, or kava extract capsules in various potencies.  This allows you to determine for yourself what strength of kava you would like to take.  You can also purchase a capsule form of kava that has been blended with a variety of other herbs to produce a relaxing and uplifting effect.  Our favorite kava blend capsules are Kavalovetone capsules.  These capsules are a combination of dried kavalactone macerate and fifteen other wonderful herbal extracts.  These include chamomile, hops, lemon balm, passion flower, valerian, ginseng, and others!  These capsules produce a truly unique and pleasant effect, so if you want to buy kava kava in capsule form, you might want to give these a try!

Another very convenient form of kava that you may want to look in to is the kavalactone paste.  Kavalactone pastes are kava root extracts that can be extremely potent.  If you purchase a kavalactone paste, all you need to do is take one to two small, pea sized amounts, and your on your way to a relaxed and pleasant experience.  If you want to buy kava in a form that is convenient and easy to prepare, but you want something more potent than capsules, this is something to  consider!

If you want to drink your kava, but are looking for something more convenient and less strong tasting than the traditional root powder, it is possible to buy kava kava in a number of different instant kava drink mixes, chai, and so forth.  This is an extremely pleasant way to take kava.  Many kava instant drink mixes are naturally flavored, which means they taste amazing in smoothies and juices.  There are kava chai blends, which will allow you to create your own delicious, warm kava beverage.  Simply blend a few teaspoons of powdered kava chai in to a glass of lukewarm (under 105F) milk, soy milk, or coconut milk, and enjoy a spicy, delicious and relaxing beverage!  Kava instant drinks and blends are wonderful because you can mix them directly into your beverage of choice, and they allow for an incredible amount of creativity!  If you want to explore the culinary potential of kava in beverages, try instant kava drink mixes, and enjoy!

If you still want to learn more about kava, you may want to take a look at Makaira’s Kava Blog.  This blog contains a great deal of information about kava and is updated regularly.  Makaira also takes time to answer all questions left by customers on her blog, so she’s a great resource for those who are still confused about what kava to buy!