Kona Kava HawaiiWelcome to our humble satellite site with the sole purpose of sharing the best place to buy kava.  This website is hosted by Kona Kava Farm; a small, family-run organic Kava farm in the fertile slopes of Kona, Hawaii.  We know it can get overwhelming very quickly when trying to buy kava, so our hope is to answer a few of the most common questions we’ve received ever since we sold our first package of kava online.

The #1 question that many are asking is simply this: “Where to buy kava?” or “Where is the best online place to buy kava?”  I know we’re biased because we’ve got an in with the actual farmers who have grown the most potent Kava on our family-run farm for countless generations, but we also feel that that simple fact gives you key advantages when looking to buy kava:  Since you’re buying direct from the farm that ships tens of thousands of kava orders each year, both to individuals as well as kava bars, not only are you getting the freshest kava available, you get prices that only Kona Kava Farm can offer.

Once you know where to buy kava kava direct from, the rest is easy.  The question we personally get asked the most is: “Where do I begin?”  The answer couldn’t be easier and more fun!

All you need to decide is what form you think you would most enjoy your Kava in.  If you’re looking for the most traditional experience with kava, buy kava in the powdered form.  This will require mixing the kava powder in a blender with water and something like coconut milk, whole milk, or soy milk and then straining.  But it will be the most authentic kava experience you can have without going to a real kava ceremony!

Kava Bowl

If you want the experience of drinking kava but don’t want to deal with the mess of extracting and straining kava, then kava instant drinks are for you.  As an added bonus, for those who find the taste of kava a bit much to handle, kava in an instant drink form, at least at our farm, comes naturally flavored with natural extracts and sweetened with all-natural Stevia.

If you like the simplicity of capsules, if you don’t care about the authentic kava experience and simply want to enjoy the many pleasurable effects of kava, then kava capsules might be for you.  Or, if you just can’t handle the flavor of kava, then capsules might also be the way to go for you.  Although the experience isn’t as “intense” as when using the powdered root or instant drinks, when you buy kava in capsule form it’s simple to get an idea of what the kava experience is like, with no messy extractions or flavors that are an acquired taste for some.

Then, there’s one of my favorite kava inventions ever; kavalactone paste.  Kavalactone paste is the active component of kava kava extracted into a very concentrated, very potent paste.  The paste can easily be blended in with smoothies, it can be put into a capsule, or it can simply be eaten right out of the jar.  It only takes a few small pea-sized amounts to enjoy a full kava experience.  In fact, if you’re looking for a little extra “kick” in your kava drinks, the kavalactone paste can be used to make any kava drink more potent.

And that’s really about all you need to know about buying kava.  Buying it direct will be the freshest, especially from a farm that is constantly rotating its stock and packing the kava at its peak freshness.  Buying it from a trusted online source such as Kona Kava Farm will ensure that your very first experience with kava will be a success!

If you are still interested in learning more about kava, here is a video from one of my favorite documentaries, ‘Kava – The Drink of the Gods’. This excerpt portrays a beautiful story describing how kava was discovered in Vanuatu.  Although it’s not about Hawaii, I feel that this story can help us to understand how truly sacred kava is. The whole documentary contains a great deal of information about the history and current status of kava, so if you want to learn even more, I highly recommend watching the whole thing!

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