84 Kavalactone Paste

84 Kavalactone PasteWhere does the 84 in 84 kavalactone paste come from, you ask? Simple: the 84 tells you you’re getting one of the most potent and highly concentrated kavalactone pastes available, one that is approximately 84% active kavalactones by weight. 84 kavalactone paste is a highly versatile and stable way to enjoy kava which can be eaten on its own or combined with a cold kava brew or tea to savor its enhanced effects. The best 84 kavalactone paste is made using a supercritical CO2 extraction method that leaves behind no acetone or other poisonous residues, only a golden kava paste with effects of unusual duration and potency.

84 kavalactone paste is a premium product that requires a lot of intensive factory processing and a large amount of raw starting material to produce: on average, 100 kilograms of finished 84 kavalactone paste takes more than a ton of raw kava root to produce! Due to the need for specialized equipment and a large amount of starting material in its preparation, an ounce of 84 kavalactone paste will definitely cost you more than the same amount of whole or powdered root. However, what you get for the higher price is a concentrated preparation of kava that is like no other in terms of potency, ease of use, and versatility. Furthermore, because it’s so concentrated, a one-ounce supply of 84 kavalactone paste will last you a lot longer than a much larger amount of dried powder or whole root: one pea-sized serving of 84 kavalactone paste on its own is enough to generate mild psychoactivity, including calming and mood-elevating effects. If one dollop doesn’t work for you, you can try two or three— just be sure not to exceed the FDA’s approved limit of five pea-sized servings in 24 hours.

A concentrated paste basically has a higher amount of the kava root’s active compounds, so you can expect the general effects of 84 kavalactone paste to align with those gained from a kava tea or brew: users of the 84 kavalactone paste report feeling a sense of calm and well-being pervade them, along with a notable physical relaxation that makes this concentrated kava paste a great stress reliever. Some people who’ve tried kavalactone paste also assert that it causes more pronounced physical relaxation for them compared to a brew or other infusion. A concentrated 84 kavalactone paste or kava brew will each be stronger in their effects than kava capsules, which usually have only 60 to 150 milligrams of kavalactones and are mostly used as a sleep aid.

You can try out 84 kavalactone paste in a variety of ways, the easiest being to simply eat a pea-sized dollop of the paste on its own. However, if you decide you don’t care for the taste (which can be strong), you can also choose to encapsulate the kavalactone paste using a capsule machine, or dissolve the concentrated paste in water or milk and add ingredients like honey or chocolate to improve the flavor. For the adventurous or seasoned “kavasseur”, a touch of 84 kavalactone paste may be used to spike a kava beverage made from the powdered root or a drink mix, in order to enhance the drink’s relaxing and euphoric effects. Adding a dollop of kavalactone paste to any kava drink will shorten the time between ingestion and the onset of the drink’s effects, as well as deepen sensations of mellowness and physical relaxation. Some people also take 84 kavalactone paste as a kind of booster dose, eating a dollop or so of the concentrated paste a few hours after drinking a kava brew in order to prolong its psychoactive effects.

Used in moderation, we believe that 84 kavalactone paste can be a safe and versatile way to enjoy kava either for the first time or as a returning kavasseur. Just remember never to combine kava in any form with alcohol or other drugs that have a depressant effect on the central nervous system, in order to prevent harmful interactions. Like any good kava preparation, 84 kavalactone paste has the power to relax you in social situations, promote calm, and may even induce mild euphoria, all without hampering your speech or thoughts. So give this beautiful golden paste a try; we bet you’ll be happy with the results.

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